The next step!


The next step!

DefDev simplifies the next step in your career as a developer. Follow a streamlined path to your new opportunity by creating a simple profile and answering 7 multiple choice questions.

Creating a profile is free of charge and only takes a few minutes. After your profile has been accepted you can start searching for your new opportunity or wait until it presents itself when a company contacts you.

Because DefDev removes the recruiter/broker from the process, you have direct contact with the possible future employer/client and you can control the pace up to the final employment or acceptance of the assignment.

As there is no mediation you can save time and energy and are in control of the salary/rate negotiations. For freelance developers this also means there is no margin to be considered.

Free Subscription

Easy Matching Tool

No Margin Payments

No Middleman or Broker

How it works!

1. Creating a Profile

By using the LinkedIn link on the 'LOGIN'-page you can easily create a profile on the DefDev platform.

2. Seven Questions

Answer seven questions about your employment type, availability, specialisations, experience, preferred location, language and work permit to complete your profile.

3. Edit your Profile

Edit your work experience and technical skills so companies have a good idea of your capabilities.


4. That's It!

By going to the 'Search Vacancies'-page you can search for your ideal job/assignment on our platform.

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Direct contact with companies
Set your own pace
Completely free of charge
Matching vacancies/assignments in your area
Negotiations for salary/rates in your own control
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