Frequently Asked Questions


Registration, how does it work?
You can register by using the LinkedIn link or with your name and email address. Then you answer 7 multiple choice questions to make it easier for companies to find your profile. After which you edit your profile with your work experience and technical skills. By uploading your resume you complete your profile so companies have a good idea of your capabilities.

How do companies find my profile?
The questions you have filled in are used for the search filter, so companies can easily find a match in our database.

Why haven’t I been contacted yet?
Companies use the DefDev platform independently. DefDev strongly advises you keep your profile up to date by entering any new skills and experience. This increases your chances of being found. Your chances of being contacted will increase when you have filled in a complete description of your skills and your experience, including a realistic expectation about salary/fee.

How do I make sure my current employer can’t find/see me.
If your current employer uses the DefDev platform, they have registered with their KvK number. In ‘Settings’ you can also fill in the KvK number of the company you are working for, this ensures that they can’t see your profile. You can find the KvK-number that a company uses in 'Companies' below the contact details. It is also possible to register multiple KvK numbers from different companies that you don’t wish to be found by.

What if I am still a student but graduating soon?
If you have decided you are ready for a permanent position or an assignment, you can register.

Do companies sponsor a visa for relocation?
Yes, there are companies that sponsor a visa for relocation. You can find this information in ‘Vacancies’, in the last line.

Are the vacancies/assignments suited to remote working?
DefDev is continuously developing the platform, that means there could/should/will be companies offering remote vacancies/assignments.

Are there costs for the developer?
DefDev is a platform for developers searching for a new opportunity. There are no costs for developers.

I have a different question?
Send an e-mail to Also check the tips & tricks for more info.


How does it work/what is the process after I have registered for a subscription?
After your registration DefDev strives to let you know, within 6 hours, if you are able to gain access to the platform to complete your company profile. After this you can start a search by filling in the questionnaire/preferences. When you have found a developer that suits your search criteria choose the 'Contact' button to contact them.

Who can subscribe to DefDev?
Everyone within a company, searching for a developer, can register.

How does DefDev ensure that its database is not polluted?
DefDev will periodically clean the database by viewing and checking profiles. If we come across any questionable issues, we will contact the person concerned and if there is no response we can delete the profile.

What if I have more than one job posting/opportunity/listing? 
There are no restrictions for searching, contacting and hiring candidates. The amount of advertisements you can post is however determined by the type of subscription you have. 

What type of developers use the DefDev platform?
Developers open to opportunities and/or actively searching for a new opportunity in The Netherlands. This could be a permanent or freelance opportunity.

From which countries do the developers who are on the DefDev platform originate?
DefDev is focussed on the Dutch market, developers may come from anywhere in the world but mostly live within The Netherlands.

What if I approach candidates outside ‘My Preferences’?
If you have a very specific vacancy or assignment you are welcome to contact any developer, however the chance they are interested decreases.

What does it mean for DefDev when a developer starts a new opportunity at the company?
It means that the platform works and DefDev congratulates you on filling the position/assignment and thanks you for using our platform.

What if the developer cancels or doesn’t show up?
That can be an inconvenient moment, but don’t worry, you can start searching within the database again.

I have a different question?
Send an e-mail to Also check the tips & tricks for more info.

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